There are several reasons.  Lets's start with the basics:

A. Weddings at Historic Blum Barn are not a "drive thru" events.  Its not 3-4 hours where you are rushed out, share a venue, or have to find other spots for your families events. You enjoy almost 12 hours the day before the wedding.  Plus over 12 hours on your wedding day. That is over 24 hours between 2 days.   


This is a 3 day wedding venue.  One day to set-up before the wedding.  The wedding day itself. Then a 1/2 day for cleanup and removal of any personal or private items. 

B.  You save money.  A barn wedding allows you to do multiple things that you  would pay to do in other locations.  These would cost you additional money or efforts. 

Starting with:

 - picturesque area                  - wedding ceremony     

- wedding reception                - wedding after party

C.  At Historic Blum Barn you do not share the venue with a golfer, a club house, or a banquet center where guests may wander in & get a drink or two, or a club house hosting.


You get a private 42 acre with estate that has significant historical value that operates as a working farm & wil be adding lavender & sunflower fields in the future.


Do you want a picture with a lamb? How about a kid? We can make it happen!  Talk to us about your special requests.  Perhaps you will be surprised!

D. RAIN?  No worries!  We have enough air conditioned & heated space for your ceremony to be held inside just in case of rain.  So the same barn can facilitate both an indoor ceremony & an indoor reception.  So you don't have to worry about muddy grassy areas in case it rains on your special day. See pictures of the barn decked out for a ceremony.