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Frequently Asked Questions

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What hours does our rental include?

See the what's included tab on the website. 

Day #1, Saturday 

9 am to 11:00 pm June, July, August

9 am to 10:00pm May, September, October.

Music must be off at the posted times above.  Guests & wedding party usually leave 30 minutes after music is turned off.   We encourage you to come start your day early at the farm. 

Here is a suggested outline for the day for start times.  Again, these are simply suggestions:

9 am: arrive at the farm to dress, do make-up,

1pm: First look & bridal party pictures.

3 or 4pm : Wedding Ceremony followed by cocktail hour

5 or 6 pm pm : Reception

7 or 8pm : Afterparty

Saturday may start off with final preparations.  A mid day ceremony.  Then a dinner in the late evening.


Do you have bathrooms on site?

Yes. You don't have to worry about port-a-poty's.  3 bathrooms will be inside the barn.  This is wonderful because you would not have to leave the building if its sprinkling outside.

Do you have a space for the bride & the groom or the wedding party to change clothes?

Yes!  There is air conditioned space for both the bride & the groom at no additional rental charge.  

How do we reserve for our wedding?

Great question!  

Step #1:  Call or email us to schedule a site visit & get a personal walk through the venue.

Step #2: A personalized contract will be emailed to you that goes into detail of what you will receive for your special event.

Step #3: Sign the contract & submit a deposit for 1/2 the amount of the rental.

How many people can your barn seat?

There are 2 main area's in the barn. 


The downstairs is 3,100 square feet & is  heated & air conditioned.   It can seat about 200 at rectangular tables.  This space is insulated with 18" thick walls lined with brick.  The ceiling height is about 8 feet.  This once was used as the cow milking parlor for the original farm and the converted to 10 horse stalls.

The second area is the grand upstairs of the barn that is 2,700 square feet & also heated & air conditioned.   This location is un-insulated & the ceiling soars to about 40' .  The inside looks like an upside down boat with a wide open space in the middle.  There are no beams in the middle.  This used to be the hay storage location for the farm & still is used to store hay & straw in the winter for some of our animals.  It is cleaned out just in time for the wedding season & freshened up to look awesome.

How late can we play our music & where?

As a good citizen  to our township & neighbors we have gone overboard in keeping the sound down & will only allow the use of our professional house speakers & only inside the barn (upstairs or down). You can enjoy the music and dancing with the sound at around 85db inside the barn.  We can work with your DJ to meet the local requirements.   This helps keep the noise down in the rural twp & keeps neighboring  families happy.


Depending on the month, June, July, & August the music can be played inside the barn until 11pm.

In May, September, & October, the music can be played inside the barn until 10pm.

Both levels of the barn will have pre-wired speakers with no subwoofers.  So your band or DJ need not bring their speakers.  They simply connect to the professionally installed system at no extra cost to you.  You should ask them for a discount since this saves them set-up time, they don't have to transport big bulky speakers that is the heaviest part of their jobs.  

Is your facility handicap accessible?

Yes!  we are AHA acccesible. The bathrooms are handicap accessible as well as handicap ramp/elevator & a hard surface parking space so anyone on a wheel chair can be mobile on site.

Can we walk around in high heels?

We recommend that your guests be told that there are grassy areas, gravel areas, & uneven floor boards in the barn.  We recommend soft comfortable shoes be worn on site to minimize the risk of anyone injuring themselves.

Do you require we purchase any type of insurance for our event?

Yes.  You must purchase event & alcohol insurance for the 3 days of your event.  You must list Historic Blum Farm in your policy and provide proof of insurance 1 week prior to the wedding.

Is there a space for our caterer to store food?

Food must be prepared off site & all the dishes & silverware must be cleaned offsite.  However, there is a room that they can use for storage with racks.

Is there a security deposit?

Yes!  The security deposit is $500 and will be refunded after your event.  This is due 30 days prior to your event.

Is smoking allowed on your property?

The venue is a smoke free facility. However, there is a designated smoking area that is a safe distance from the barn.

Can we select our own caterer?

Yes!  This is sweet for several reasons.  1. You can save some money.  You are not tied to our venue's own caterer. 2.  You may get better food that you can taste & pick.  Many venues may be nice but the food not so much.  In this case you can test out various & pic the one that suites you the best.

What is the size of your barn in dimensions

The upstairs is 37 ' x 78' & is 2,700 square feet.

The downstairs is 33' x 91' & is 3,100 square feet.

Why would I rent from Historic Blum Barn over other venues?

Several reasons:

1. No surprise costs

2. Plenty of space.  42 acres.  Lots of space farther from the street for your guests safety & space to park.

3. 2 level heated & cooled barn.  Many barns are neither heated nor cooled.

4. Bathrooms in the barn.  Many barns do not have bathrooms, let alone have them in the barn.

5. The extra's that add up at other venues are included here.  Including the wedding monogram, projector, chairs & tables, etc.  This could cost you well over $3,000 if you rented just those 3 items.

6. The perfect family wedding that allows you to use a venue for YOU ONLY not shared with other couples or rushed in & out during a 3 hour block so the venue can rent to other couples the same day or the same weekend.  This is not a "drive-thru" wedding venue aimed at herding you through your special day.  We want it to be YOUR special day.

7. Our barn has a wonderful RAINY DAY plan with a 2nd level for an indoor ceremony location that is mud free.  Many people want an outdoor ceremony but few locations have the space for a indoor ceremony in case of rain.  No worries, we do.  

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