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At Historic Blum Barn, we can bring your wedding and special event ideas to fruition. Our picturesque Wedding Venue offers everything you can dream of to ensure a memorable experience for you and your guests. 

You will see from the first moment of your walk through that we believe weddings are a gift from God & that we ENJOY helping making your wedding day special.  We enjoy you being here & we enjoy exceeding your expectations. 


The 43 acre property was originally occupied by Petrus Blum who emigrated from Bavaria in 1832 and settled Bridgewater, MI.  The farm remained in his family in until the early 1930's.  The original stone home built on the property from fieldstone on the farm.  Petrus than built a similar structure for his eldest son Jacob across the street now occupied by the Renners since the late 1960's.  We wanted to honor the history of the area & the courage of Petrus Blum who came here to forge a better life for himself & his family.  He started his journey here & we hope you do also. 

THE LATE 190O's - 2014

In modern time, The property was used a dairy farm  that had  close to 100 acres until the 1960's when Jimmy Hoffa's attorney converted the dairy farm to a horse racing & training facility used by the teamsters right up through the 1980's.  From the 1990's to 2014, the Buter family lived on the property and used the facility for harness racing.  They made themselves a name in the industry & produced many top horses right here on the farm  The farm remained a horse racing and training facility until 2014 when purchased by the current owners.

25th anniversary for this young couple.

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